Digital Marketing Help in Your Time of Need

COVID-19 Relief: If you need help managing your website, or finding a way to sell during a shutdown, we're now offering the following digital marketing discounts and subsidies.

Free Business
website hosting

Free secure and fast website hosting through 2020, plus 24/7x365 server support and heavily-discounted website maintenance.

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Website Development financing

24 months Interest-free financing on qualifying new website projects and upgrading existing websites, eg. adding eCommerce functionality.

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Marketing Reboot strategy

We'll give you the support and tools to empower your engagement with your audience today, tomorrow, and after the crisis.

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How Can We Help?

In a crisis situation subject to constant change, your business needs a proactive and affordable digital marketing partner to help you effectively communicate with your audience and protect your brand. 

    - Protect your business
    - Communicate effectively with your customers
    - Prepare for post-crisis business reality
    - Cut costs

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FREE Secure Web Hosting

Our hosting platform, Sailfish, is offering free hosting until the end of the year. We know hosting is vital to keeping your website alive, but it's also an additional cost in a time that every expense needs to be scrutinized. 

- Free business website hosting until end of 2020
- 24/7x365 server support
- 7am-7pm website support help desk. Heavily discounted
- Monthly security/mal-ware protection upkeep

This offer ends July 31st, 2020.

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24-Month Financing on Website Projects

Before COVID-19 hit, we're you thinking about building a new website or making major changes to your current one? 

We're offering interest-free 24-month financing on qualifying new and existing website projects. For example, adding eCommerce functionality, mobile responsiveness, and any other website updates you need.

We know that now more than ever, businesses need a solid and up-to-date virtual footprint to keep their business alive. By taking advantage of our financing offer, you get the new or updated website you wanted without having to pay for it all right now.

This offer ends July 31st, 2020.

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Marketing Reboot Package

Now is an important time to let your audience know you're still open and ready for business. Or, if you're not and waiting to re-open, you're audience is going to want updates from you to know when they can re-engage with you. 

Let's work together to create a strategy for now and post-crisis. Our marketing reboot package includes the following:

- Social media engagement strategy
- Blog & Email content marketing strategy
- Press release strategy

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